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Why Should you go for Peak Climbing in Nepal?

Nepal is a country that has everything to capture your wildest thoughts. You can just think about the omni-present Himalayas which stand gloriously on the northern side of Nepal. They form an unbreakable natural wall between Nepal and Tibet – the roof the world.  However, they have gained immense popularity throughout the entire time they stood there.

Adventure enthusiasts in search of real adventures have always made sure to visit Nepal as they know that Nepal will give them exactly what they want. With its abundance of naturally blessed regions, Himalayas has so much to offer to those who strive to live the life of adventure while pursuing their goals of finding incredible destinations to quench their thirst for adventure. And what better way to experience the thrills of the Himalayas than by going on a ‘Peak Climbing’ journey in Nepal. After all, climbing a peak isn’t a child’s play. It’s risky, dangerous and perilous but the end reward is something that is worth the effort.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that Nepal has numerous peaks which are approved and permitted for climbing expeditions. Peaks in general range from 5,000 meters to 7,000 meters above sea level in Nepal. They are undoubtedly a force to reckon as they require a lot of prior preparation and planning in order to safely reach the top of the peak and return back down without much trouble. People all around the world come to Nepal in large numbers just to wander into the Himalayas. But some even go further to climb one of the majestic peaks within Nepal.

Some popular climbing peaks of Nepal include Island Peak, Mera Peak, Pisang Peak and Yala Peak. But there are other peaks which you can use to push your limits. Then, as soon as you decide which peak to climb, you simply contact any of Nepal’s peak climbing operators which assist you in getting the right documents and equipment for the peak climbing. The journey itself will be full of spectacular views, people and villages. You will discover a different side of Nepal by exploring the outer regions where poverty and illiteracy thrive. But with that comes the opportunity to observe the rural lifestyle of different ethnic indigenous communities.

Besides that, you can learn about their rich history, culture, norms and values. By doing this, you will be able to create some extra fun memories of your stay in Nepal. Next, the entire steps of climbing the peak begins from its base camp (usually). From there onward, you slowly begin to achieve your dream of conquering the peak by successfully reaching the top. Once, you reach the top, you are sure to get a view worth your lifetime. Your entire vision will be full of other breathtaking Himalayan mountains and peaks that are higher and larger than any other natural structure.

Well these are some of the reasons which should make you think about going for a peak climbing in Nepal. And if it really has inspired you to embark on your own adventure in Nepal, then make sure to research more and better prepare yourself for the hardships ahead of you.

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