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Responsible Tourism in Nepal

Tourism in Nepal plays a vital role in the advancement and development of Nepal’s various infrastructures such as transportation, education, finance, health and communication. Since it’s early beginnings from 1960’s, tourism has garnered a huge attention for various local and governmental bodies due to which many people have stepped forward to invest in tourism sector for various personal and no personal reasons which includes business ventures and social activities.

Foreigners who have heard about Nepal are bound to find themselves wanting to travel in Nepal at least once in their lifetime as it is a mecca for foreign travelers which focuses on giving the best travel services for them. Affectionate local individuals make way to further promote and enhance the tourism sector in Nepal. With all of that, many people who come to Nepal for traveling and touring purposes will eventually have to consider some things while traveling in Nepal. And that is being a responsible traveler who makes sure that their way of traveling doesn’t negatively harm, impact or put pressure on the environment, nature, wildlife and people of their travel destination.

Hence, the term ‘Responsible Tourism’ got its footing in Nepal. With the increase in the arrival rates of foreign travelers, Nepal had to eventually understand and recognize the fact that some ambitious measures need to be taken if we were to conserve, preserve and protect our natural heritages that attract travelers from various corner of the world. After all, who would want to make an arduous hike up to Everest Base Camp – the base camp of the world’s highest mountain (Mt. Everest), just to see a pile of garbage filled up in time by the travelers who once longed to visit this iconic place.

Several initiatives have been taken by the government and other organizations to further promote responsible tourism in Nepal. But all of that will be in vain if one were to not realize for themselves that traveling without the care for others and environment in our generation is kind of pitiful. As we are getting better education and better jobs for us to earn a secure living, we make enough to travel various places in the world. Yet, we lie ourselves in believing that one simple gesture from us will not make any significant impact upon the place where we are traveling. Therefore, we further degrade the sole destination which we once loved s much.

With these things in mind, travelers either it be trekkers, mountaineers, tourists or researchers, they all should have a mindset that being a responsible traveler is a must as it will in time help keep the place serene and unharmed for other generations of travelers who may one day thank us for our generosity to keep this place beautiful for them to see. No one wants to ruin the environment or the natural habitat of many exotic wild animals & birds in general. But we still have to go beyond that simple thought and carry out actions which will define those exact thoughts and turn them into a reality.

peak climbing

Why Should you go for Peak Climbing in Nepal?

Nepal is a country that has everything to capture your wildest thoughts. You can just think about the omni-present Himalayas which stand gloriously on the northern side of Nepal. They form an unbreakable natural wall between Nepal and Tibet – the roof the world.  However, they have gained immense popularity throughout the entire time they stood there.

Adventure enthusiasts in search of real adventures have always made sure to visit Nepal as they know that Nepal will give them exactly what they want. With its abundance of naturally blessed regions, Himalayas has so much to offer to those who strive to live the life of adventure while pursuing their goals of finding incredible destinations to quench their thirst for adventure. And what better way to experience the thrills of the Himalayas than by going on a ‘Peak Climbing’ journey in Nepal. After all, climbing a peak isn’t a child’s play. It’s risky, dangerous and perilous but the end reward is something that is worth the effort.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that Nepal has numerous peaks which are approved and permitted for climbing expeditions. Peaks in general range from 5,000 meters to 7,000 meters above sea level in Nepal. They are undoubtedly a force to reckon as they require a lot of prior preparation and planning in order to safely reach the top of the peak and return back down without much trouble. People all around the world come to Nepal in large numbers just to wander into the Himalayas. But some even go further to climb one of the majestic peaks within Nepal.

Some popular climbing peaks of Nepal include Island Peak, Mera Peak, Pisang Peak and Yala Peak. But there are other peaks which you can use to push your limits. Then, as soon as you decide which peak to climb, you simply contact any of Nepal’s peak climbing operators which assist you in getting the right documents and equipment for the peak climbing. The journey itself will be full of spectacular views, people and villages. You will discover a different side of Nepal by exploring the outer regions where poverty and illiteracy thrive. But with that comes the opportunity to observe the rural lifestyle of different ethnic indigenous communities.

Besides that, you can learn about their rich history, culture, norms and values. By doing this, you will be able to create some extra fun memories of your stay in Nepal. Next, the entire steps of climbing the peak begins from its base camp (usually). From there onward, you slowly begin to achieve your dream of conquering the peak by successfully reaching the top. Once, you reach the top, you are sure to get a view worth your lifetime. Your entire vision will be full of other breathtaking Himalayan mountains and peaks that are higher and larger than any other natural structure.

Well these are some of the reasons which should make you think about going for a peak climbing in Nepal. And if it really has inspired you to embark on your own adventure in Nepal, then make sure to research more and better prepare yourself for the hardships ahead of you.

Nepal Travel Expenses

Is Nepal Expensive to Travel?

“Travel better; cheaper & longer.” – : Nomadic Matt

To begin with I personally think that the question whether traveling to Nepal is expensive or not, is genuinely ambiguous from my point of view. But that really depends on several things which I shall be discussing with you today. A traveler’s budget can be dramatically affected many factors which means you have to be prepared to change your schedules if necessary. Anyway, let’s get on with our discussion and find the reasons why I think traveling to Nepal is cheaper compared to other nations.

First of all, in Nepal tourist fee can be charged differently according to their home nation such as if you are a foreigner from India or SAARC then several of Nepal’s touristic site propose less charges for travelers belonging to the SAARC nations. In general, the SAARC includes nation of India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Pakistan & Sri Lanka which usually benefits if you belong to these nations. But no need to worry as Nepal in reality doesn’t charge much fees to anyone outside from the SAARC nations. So, you don’t always have to be worried about where you came from as long as you follow the rules & regulations of the nation, you can do good while your visit to Nepal.

Next on the list which matters is if you have come to Nepal while booking a specific trip package. To be specific, “Trekking in Nepal” is way cheaper than other trekking nations where they charge hefty amount of money to the travelers. And matter of fact if you have taken trekking packages like the Everest Base Camp Trek then it will add to your budget. Along with that it will be nice for you if you purchase adventure packages like bungee jumping, paragliding, zip flier, skydiving and rafting as they are way cheaper in Nepal than any other Asian nation you would like to travel. Going cheap doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend your time in Nepal doing nothing but having a look around. There’s a lot of things which you can do without exceeding your budgetary goals for your visit in Nepal.

Let’s consider the rate of Hotels where you will stay when you visit Nepal. I hope that I don’t have to tell you that the common rate of 5-star hotels differ completely so it will be advantageous if you book your hotel prior to your visit to Nepal. But if you ask me, while you stay in Nepal or specifically Kathmandu then you can select a comfy accommodating hotel in Thamel area where you can get rooms as per your exact wishes. In Thamel backpackers could stay in a room for a minimum of just $20 per night.

As we are talking about traveling to Nepal, I surely can’t miss the fact that Nepal holds one of the most delicious local delicacies which come at a very affordable cost. The typical Nepali food in any Thakali restaurant is only going to cost backpackers like you a maximum of 3$ for veggie and NPR 4$ for non-veg (but do note that the price may differ according to the type of meat you would like to eat). Not only that but you can try other local delicacies like Momo, Chowmein and Thukpa which are very popular among both the native people & tourists. To be honest you can easily find local delicacies with in just 1.5$ that can fill up your hungry tummies to the fullest in Nepal.

To conclude this blog, by the things which I have discussed above can surely be of several uses to you if you want to travel cheap in Nepal but a matter of fact is that Nepal was never an expensive place to travel for backpacker’s and travelers alike. And nonetheless, Nepal is a very welcoming friendly nation which has open its doors to everyone who wishes to come & get lost in its exquisiteness.

short hiking around kathmandu

Beautiful places for Hiking near Kathmandu

“It’s impossible to walk in the woods and be in a bad mood at the same time.”

Any individual either a naïve traveler or an enthusiast explorer who is staying in Kathmandu should certainly take a free time out from the conventional city spectrum and explore out some of the eccentric “Hiking” areas close to the capital city. A short hike away from the bustling streets of the city can surely do you good if you know the appropriate/fitting place with a proper hiking trail. On that notice, I have managed to list out 5 of the major beautiful places for hiking near the Kathmandu locale. Just have a look at these places & you may find something worth your liking outside the city.

  • Namobuddha Hike

Namobuddha Hike

Namobuddha Hike is a well known hiking trail that takes you to superb Namobuddha hill (1,750m) to make the most of its normal appeal. The hiking trail is incredibly lovely as it goes through the excellent backwoods and conventional towns all the way to the incredible Namobuddha. Namobuddha is set at the hill top of Panauti and is a well known Buddhist trail situated in Kavre. The Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery is a focal point of attraction of Namobuddha. The hill offers the fine perspectives of Himalayas and conventional towns from its edge. Namobuddha hiking is a simple undertaking and perfect for all explorers who desire a hike with no less than couple of hours walking.

  • Bajra Barahi to Godawari Hike

Godawari bridge Nepal

The Bajra Barahi to Godavari day hike is a standout amongst the most fascinating short hiking adjacent Kathmandu city. We begin the hiking after a short drive of 30 minutes to the Bajra Barahi Temple in the Patan. Other than the Temple of Bajra Barahi, sanctuary without apex the town life and cultivating in the range is additionally very fascinating. You will see the most noteworthy hill encompassing Kathmandu, Phulchoki in from of you as you stroll ahead from the popular sanctuary. In spite of the fact that this place is near Kathmandu, it has extremely distant customary lifestyle.

  • Champadevi Hike

Champadevi Hiking

Champadevi Hiking is an energizing one day hiking excursion to the Champadevi; southern hill of Kathmandu. Arranged at an elevation of 2285m; the Champadevi hill offers an awesome hiking enterprise in a fascinating air. Champadevi is a religious site for both Buddhists and Hindus. Get the Bird-eye perspective of Kathmandu valley along with the alluring Himalayan vistas from the highest point of the hill. An expansive number of explorers visit this site on full moon day to make an offering to Champadevi. Champadevi Hiking is perfect for all individuals who might endeavor to take the blending hiking experience while getting a charge out of the common landscapes. The Champadevi hill offers brilliant perspectives of the Himalayas from its edge.

  • Kakani to Bhanjayang Hike


This is a fascinating hike through oak, rhododendron and pine timberland. At a young hour in the morning, you drive from Kathmandu to Kakani (2,073m), 32 km north of Kathmandu around 60 minutes. From here the trail prompts toward the east along graveled logical street. The whole trail is totally on a level way. You hike around three hours to Bhanjyang, which includes a 20 minute soak rising before achieving the last area. In the wake of bypassing around the region here, you follow a similar way back to Kakani in around two and half hours and after that drive back to Kathmandu. From Kakani one can see the mountain scene of focal Nepal, an inconceivable gathering of great pinnacles extending from Ganesh Himal to the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

  • Shivapuri Hike to Nagi Gumpa


Shivapuri is the “Second most noteworthy hill close to Kathmandu valley” and a silo of vegetation named as the Shivapuri National Park. Hiking to Shivapuri is a short and simple enterprise close to the capital, Kathmandu. Baghdwar is wellspring of Holy River Bagmati streaming adjacent Holy place Pashupatinath, which is assume to originate from mouth of Tiger. After breakfast at the close-by eatery, we drive for around 20 minutes to Budhanilkantha Temple which is 8 km north of Kathmandu. Nagi Gumpa is located at an elevation of 2,330 meter above sea level, north of Kathmandu valley simply above Budhanilkantha Temple.

By any chance, if you liked any of those “Hiking Trips” then make sure to contact Destination Himalaya for further assistance.


Adventurous things in Nepal

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Adventure is something we all need once in a while. One surely cannot spend their doing the same old thing again and again, simply because there’s no fun in that. Like every person who tends to find ever more daring adventure to pursue Nepal is truly an ecstasy for them. Beyond doubt Nepal can really make any adventure enthusiasts fall in love with its great diverse adventure activities. Here below I have listed out some of the most adventurous things that can be done here inside the perimeters of Nepal.



Trekking in some brutal sense may not seem that adventurous to make it on our list of adventurous activities until you try it yourself. Nepal is truly a blessed nation with extravagant natural trekking routes with zero tolerance to outside change. Try trekking up the Himalayas from Annapurna to Everest, you are bound to find stupendous adventure lurking hidden these trekking trails. And even if that doesn’t make it up to you then try trekking through the highest passes which Nepal’s trekking route has to offer, as many world ranked trekkers have admitted to it as being extremely and incredibly hard.

Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing doesn’t need to be told to know that it’s an adventure sport/activity. You require a huge amount of physical fitness and endurance to fully perform this activity. During rock climbing one has to have a keen sense of their environment as many rock climbers who failed to do that have fallen down to their grave with saddening consequences. Nepal offers many places to train and climb dummy rocks to practice and harness their skill as a rock climber so it’s always suggested to follow every safety rule that is written down in order to succeed.



Paragliding is an ideal substitute adventure activity in Nepal in requisites of geographic and weather. Paragliding is a well-liked sport amongst people who take pleasure in stepping off a precipice whilst being seated in a harness that is attached to a fabric wing. Nepal can surely provide you with an awe-inspiring moment while you glide through the clouds above with a serene view of the Himalayas, peaceful lake & the valley below. Nowadays paragliding is equipped with modern equipments like Go-pro camera’s which lets them to capture their air travel. So it truly is an adventure flying through the winds up above the lands.

Bungee Jumping


Bungee Jumping is one of the best adventure sports in Nepal for an adventure seeker. It is a exhilarating few minutes jump when one moment you are standing at the edge of a bride above one of the deepest gorges of the Bhote Koshi River and the next you are experiencing the longest freefall of your life as you make your way down to the river raging below. You can get amazing thrilled filled joy while you jump from the ramp.  Just so you know there are only two consigned destinations for Bungee Jumping in Nepal. One can even capture their jump with proper well equipped cameras so to keep that moment alive in their videos and photo.

White Water Rafting

Rafting in Nepal

White Water Rafting is a splashing and twisting sport of rafting. Nepal is really beginning to become the major destination for adventure enthusiasts who wander upon it to find ever more daring and adventurous sports and activities. Nepal has huge pools of fast flowing rivers which have become the perfect spots for White Water Rafting. The best thing about doing this is that it gives you load amount of adrenaline rush which makes it more than enough to give you adventure of a life time. And just like that White Water Rafting has become a major adventure sport/activity in Nepal.

Top Off the beaten path treks of Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is really a one of the most amazing things one could be doing once they arrive in Nepal. But sooner or later the main popular trekking routes like Annapurna and Everest lose their authenticity and excitants as it won’t be like the first time when you ventured out into the wilderness of Nepalese Himalayas. So “Off the beaten path” treks are needed to keep that excitement and authenticity alive. These treks mostly require a bit of physical endurance and generally strenuous to the trekkers but still that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the trek. On the contrary you might fall in love with Nepalese terrains once again by going on these kinds of trek.

So below I have listed some of the top “Off the beaten path” Treks of Nepal for you to have a look at:

Upper Mustang Trek

upper mustang trek

Mustang region is located in the northern-central part of Nepal and lies in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri massif. Upper Mustang Trek provides you an escape from the crowds of other tourists and trekkers. You will surely enjoy the openness of this region. This trek is done around the Trans Himalayan Mustang region which was restricted for outsiders until Nepal Government announced the opening of the restricted areas in October 1991 so this region is literally untouched and unharmed by the modernization nowadays.

Lower Dolpo Trek

lower dolpo trek

Lower Dolpo Trek is meant for genuine adventure seekers who want to experience an authentic “Off the beaten path” Trek. It’s a good alternative trek through the northern part of Nepal. It gives a good opportunity to explore and redeem your love for trekking. Lying further north from the Dhaulagiri Range in the rain shadow of the Himalayas, this region provides plenty of time for you to get lost in its vast barren landscape. On this trek you can also experience some Tibetan culture and religion as it lies close to Tibet.

Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek

Another popular and intriguing off the beaten path trek is Kanchenjunga Trek. Mt. Kanchenjunga provides huge amount of thrills and joy for the trekkers as trekking to its base camp is very strenuous but worthy for every adventure seeker. The rush of adrenaline during this trek gives you a feeling which you might not have gotten anywhere else. Kanchenjunga lies in an isolated region so you don’t need to worry about many trekkers along the route making you uncomfortable like in other popular treks.

Tsum Valley Trek

tsum valley trek

Tsum Valley Trek is an off the beaten trek which provides you with an opportunity to discover and encounter Tibetan Buddhism along the entire trek. Tsum Valley has never been much exposed to outside influence so it’s a great place to plan a trek with less crowd and noise. Each year only a few amounts of trekkers decide to go on this trek and thus you will have plenty of time to enjoy your time on this magnificent valley. You shall witness awesome views of Mt. Ganesh and other surrounding mountains while you go through its one of a kind trail.

Nar Phu Valley Trek


Nar Phu Valley Trek is a popular “Off the beaten path” trek which goes through two extravagant Nar and Phu village which are full of beautiful valleys, forests & monasteries. During this trek you shall traverse through the Annapurna region with dramatic views and glances of the many majestic mountains. Not only that but on this trek you will lose the heavy crowds of people from the other popular trekking routes of Annapurna region. Take a walk through this region and you will find out a very different but still an awe- inspiring trekking route.


Nar Phu Trek

Nar Phu Trek, trekking to explore Nar Phu valley is one of the special treks in Nepal that takes you  to the hidden valley and lets you experience the hidden culture. Nar Phu valley is an exotic valley that includes the two picturesque villages namely Nar and Phu. This valley is newly recognized restricted area and you require a special permit to reach there. The trekking to Nar Phu valley offers you panoramic view of Annapurna massif and amazing view of glaciers, remote villages, narrow canyons, lust forests and stunning landscapes.

Nar Phu Valley Trekking is unique and is not known to many because it is opened to trekkers only since 2003. If you are the trekking enthusiast and seeking for some unique trekking, then Nar Phu Trek should be your choice.

Route to reach Nar Phu Valley

Nar Phu valley trekking, situated in Annapurna circuit trekking part, can begin from Kathmandu valley. You have to reach Besisahar from Kathmandu by bus or private vehicle. Then, you trek to reach Dharapani and trek up to reach Phu village. From there, you trek to Nar Phedi and then you reach Nar village. Then you trek to Ngwal and then to Kang La pass (5315m). Then you can trek back the same route to return or you can continue your trek to reach Muktinath.

Reasons for Nar Phu Trek

  • This trek gives you an opportunity to spend your time in the enthralling Nar Phu valley that resembles the paradise. It is so beautiful and a place to die for.
  • This trek lets you explore the lifestyle and culture of ethnic villagers. Most of the people in Nar Phu valley are Lamas and Bhotes. These people speak their own language and wear typical dress (thick cloths made by yak and sheep wool).
  • You get an opportunity to reach various sites where many have not reached.
  • You get to visit many ancient monasteries and chortens.
  • While crossing the Kang La Pass, you can witness the amazing view of Annapurna.
  • You get to encounter with different animals like snow leopards, blue sheep and various birds.
  • After crossing Kang La Pass, you can continue your trek to visit Muktinath, the god of salvation of Hindus and Buddhists.

So, this trekking is amazing and you can make this trek your choice if you are seeking for some unique trekking to breathe the air that you have never taken in before and to experience the moments that you have never lived before.

Adventure Treks in Nepal

Adventure Treks in Nepal– Nepal is one of the most beautiful and dramatic countries on earth as eight of the world’s fourteen 8000 m peaks stand here and these skyscraping snow clapped summits, the midland hills and lowlands of Nepal offer opportunity of many adventures including adventure treks in Nepal through the foothills of its Himalayan Chain. Along with most popular Everest region adventure treks, Langtang Region adventure treks, Annapurna region adventure treks, etc., Destination Himalaya also offers adventure treks in Nepal to other newly popular but exciting areas too such as Manaslu adventure trek, Tsum valley adventure trek, Upper and lower Mustang adventure treks, Upper and lower Dolpo adventure treks, Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha adventure trek, Dhaulagiri adventure trek, Kanchenjunga adventure trek and there are many more adventure treks in Nepal programs that we offer to our adventure lover clients from across the world.