Adventurous things in Nepal

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Adventure is something we all need once in a while. One surely cannot spend their doing the same old thing again and again, simply because there’s no fun in that. Like every person who tends to find ever more daring adventure to pursue Nepal is truly an ecstasy for them. Beyond doubt Nepal can really make any adventure enthusiasts fall in love with its great diverse adventure activities. Here below I have listed out some of the most adventurous things that can be done here inside the perimeters of Nepal.



Trekking in some brutal sense may not seem that adventurous to make it on our list of adventurous activities until you try it yourself. Nepal is truly a blessed nation with extravagant natural trekking routes with zero tolerance to outside change. Try trekking up the Himalayas from Annapurna to Everest, you are bound to find stupendous adventure lurking hidden these trekking trails. And even if that doesn’t make it up to you then try trekking through the highest passes which Nepal’s trekking route has to offer, as many world ranked trekkers have admitted to it as being extremely and incredibly hard.

Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing doesn’t need to be told to know that it’s an adventure sport/activity. You require a huge amount of physical fitness and endurance to fully perform this activity. During rock climbing one has to have a keen sense of their environment as many rock climbers who failed to do that have fallen down to their grave with saddening consequences. Nepal offers many places to train and climb dummy rocks to practice and harness their skill as a rock climber so it’s always suggested to follow every safety rule that is written down in order to succeed.



Paragliding is an ideal substitute adventure activity in Nepal in requisites of geographic and weather. Paragliding is a well-liked sport amongst people who take pleasure in stepping off a precipice whilst being seated in a harness that is attached to a fabric wing. Nepal can surely provide you with an awe-inspiring moment while you glide through the clouds above with a serene view of the Himalayas, peaceful lake & the valley below. Nowadays paragliding is equipped with modern equipments like Go-pro camera’s which lets them to capture their air travel. So it truly is an adventure flying through the winds up above the lands.

Bungee Jumping


Bungee Jumping is one of the best adventure sports in Nepal for an adventure seeker. It is a exhilarating few minutes jump when one moment you are standing at the edge of a bride above one of the deepest gorges of the Bhote Koshi River and the next you are experiencing the longest freefall of your life as you make your way down to the river raging below. You can get amazing thrilled filled joy while you jump from the ramp.  Just so you know there are only two consigned destinations for Bungee Jumping in Nepal. One can even capture their jump with proper well equipped cameras so to keep that moment alive in their videos and photo.

White Water Rafting

Rafting in Nepal

White Water Rafting is a splashing and twisting sport of rafting. Nepal is really beginning to become the major destination for adventure enthusiasts who wander upon it to find ever more daring and adventurous sports and activities. Nepal has huge pools of fast flowing rivers which have become the perfect spots for White Water Rafting. The best thing about doing this is that it gives you load amount of adrenaline rush which makes it more than enough to give you adventure of a life time. And just like that White Water Rafting has become a major adventure sport/activity in Nepal.

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