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Responsible Tourism in Nepal

Tourism in Nepal plays a vital role in the advancement and development of Nepal’s various infrastructures such as transportation, education, finance, health and communication. Since it’s early beginnings from 1960’s, tourism has garnered a huge attention for various local and governmental bodies due to which many people have stepped forward to invest in tourism sector for various personal and no personal reasons which includes business ventures and social activities.

Foreigners who have heard about Nepal are bound to find themselves wanting to travel in Nepal at least once in their lifetime as it is a mecca for foreign travelers which focuses on giving the best travel services for them. Affectionate local individuals make way to further promote and enhance the tourism sector in Nepal. With all of that, many people who come to Nepal for traveling and touring purposes will eventually have to consider some things while traveling in Nepal. And that is being a responsible traveler who makes sure that their way of traveling doesn’t negatively harm, impact or put pressure on the environment, nature, wildlife and people of their travel destination.

Hence, the term ‘Responsible Tourism’ got its footing in Nepal. With the increase in the arrival rates of foreign travelers, Nepal had to eventually understand and recognize the fact that some ambitious measures need to be taken if we were to conserve, preserve and protect our natural heritages that attract travelers from various corner of the world. After all, who would want to make an arduous hike up to Everest Base Camp – the base camp of the world’s highest mountain (Mt. Everest), just to see a pile of garbage filled up in time by the travelers who once longed to visit this iconic place.

Several initiatives have been taken by the government and other organizations to further promote responsible tourism in Nepal. But all of that will be in vain if one were to not realize for themselves that traveling without the care for others and environment in our generation is kind of pitiful. As we are getting better education and better jobs for us to earn a secure living, we make enough to travel various places in the world. Yet, we lie ourselves in believing that one simple gesture from us will not make any significant impact upon the place where we are traveling. Therefore, we further degrade the sole destination which we once loved s much.

With these things in mind, travelers either it be trekkers, mountaineers, tourists or researchers, they all should have a mindset that being a responsible traveler is a must as it will in time help keep the place serene and unharmed for other generations of travelers who may one day thank us for our generosity to keep this place beautiful for them to see. No one wants to ruin the environment or the natural habitat of many exotic wild animals & birds in general. But we still have to go beyond that simple thought and carry out actions which will define those exact thoughts and turn them into a reality.