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Bhutan Tour- Perched on asymmetrical rugged pattern carved by nature known to the world as the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is not only astonishing but an incredible country to visit; surprisingly secluded by highest mountain ranges has an element of amazement for travelers every time they travel to his part of the world. Truly a heavenly abode for its breathtaking views of the gigantic peaks of Mount Everest, Kanchanjunga, Mt. Jichu Drake and Chomolhari range. Rich in culture is home to various scholars, artists and noted craftsmen, peaceful and picturesque territory should be explored at least once by the visitors.
Bhutan Tour is well known for its untouched wilderness, rich Buddhist culture and history steeped in mystique and legend. Bhutan Tour introduces wonderful expanse of central and western Bhutan leading this extraordinary tour from the picturesque Paro Valley home to the Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang) monstery. Bhutan is a fantastic place for individuals in search of solitary voyage during their travel. Bhutan is a diverse paradise covered with dense forest, exotic wildlife; glorious mountains and indifferent terrains are exciting features of this less understood nation for centuries. The religious tradition revolves around Buddhism and is one of the prime sects in Bhutan along with liberal approach towards other religious practices too. Bhutan Tour has always maintained its secrecy and won race against time with its unmatched beauty and tranquil nature, effortless and timeless in its steady approach towards modernization is unique and inexplicable. Astonishing ambience embellished with Dzongs, ancient temples, stupas and monasteries glorify the entire region along with waterfalls, free flowing rivers and scary paths provides a heavenly sense of different universe.
Destination Himalaya Treks & Expedition offers an exquisite and indifferent journey to this mysterious land with simplicity and sheer natural splendor. Be there to be thrilled and surprised by the spectacles of rugged legacy revealing tales of its illustrious glory.



Bhutan TourBhutan Tour

WESTERN BHUTAN Paro is 65 km (two hours' drive) to the southwest of Thimpu. The Taktsang Monastery where Guru…